COVER features - Preparation phase

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COVER features - Preparation phase

Generation assessment checklists
In this feature you're able to tag what parts you need in your checklist for Assessing the Test Base. After pressing "OK" the checklist will be send to your email address.

Model interpretation (first step Model Based Testing)
COVER uses project models as input for the generation of test cases. So the first step of this approach of Model Based testing is the interpretation of the models (Pseudo Code and/or Process Flows). During this interpretation (combined with a sanity checklist) many defects are detected.

Compare Test Base versions (f.i. check change register)
Each new version of the Test Base needs an assessment. But instead of assessing the complete Test Bases (or only assessing the identified changes in the change register), the test-engineer can use the webbased comparator feature of COVER to assess ALL changes and check the completeness of the change register.

Forbidden words marker
COVER contains a forbidden words list. This list is a (growing) collection of imprecise words which are used frequently in requirements and specifications, substituting meaningful language. COVER parses the Test Base for those forbidden words and lights them up in the output.

Condition Finder
A Test Bases created in mainly "plain text" has a high risk on defects caused by assumptions. The Test Base can be approved in converting the "plain text" to formal specification techniques (a.k.a. models). Important during the creation of models is the regocnizion of conditions in the "plain text". COVER parses the Test Base amd gives the condition-keywords a highlite.

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