COVER features - Specification phase

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COVER features - Specification phase

See also COVER Test design overview (69 slides)

Process flows (ARIS, BiZZdesigner, MsVisio, Protos, VS2010, RSA, yEd, BPMone, Lombardi, Enterprise Architect...)
Now the fun part starts :-) If the project has made the Process Flows or Activity Diagrams in a modelling tool, then it is possible to insert the XML-export directly into COVER!!
(more information, see COVER Tutorial: MsVisio interface)

Business Rules (Excel spreadsheet)
COVER can also generate physical test cases from a collection of business rules.
(more information, see Business Rules -> ECT Test Cases)

Test Data Generator
Cover generates names, places, bank account numbers, email-adresses, etcetera... to be used in manual or automated test execution.

Condition Finder
One of the first activities in creating test cases manually is identifying decision points (conditions) in the Test Base. COVER supports this activity by marking the words that can be used to describe conditions.

Process Cycle Test
After receiving the path combinations, COVER will generate a graph for a visual check (showing his interpretation of the flow; based on the path combinations) and the test cases for two test coverage levels.

Elementary Comparison Test
With the help of COVER you will be able to generate MCDC test cases from pseudo code.
MCDC: Modified condition/decision coverage is the coverage type that guarantees the following: Every possible outcome of a condition is the determinant of the outcome of the decision at least once.

Data Combination Test (incl. Pairwise Testing)
COVER can generate both "strength 1" as well as "pairwise" test coverage for testing the relation of three or more parameters. COVER/DCoT contains features for avoiding impossible combinations. For representation purposes the test cases are also shown in "Class Tree" lay-out.

Data Cycle Test
A CRUD matrix can be used to create a Basis Scenario in accordance with the Data Cycle test.
CRUD= Create Read Update Delete

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