COVER features - Execution phase

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COVER features - Execution phase

Fast Regeneration of Test Cases (in case of last minute changes or defects)
When test cases are generated from models, they can be regenerated very fast and easy. In fact those test cases are no longer configuration items (controlled in dedicated tools for testware management) but the test cases are only work items (part of the work flow and archived after use).

Error Guessing checklist generation
In this feature you're able to tag what parts you need for the support of your Error Guessing activities. After pressing "OK" the checklist will be send to your email adress.

Comparing Results with prediction
When the output from a System under Test is given in for instance XML-messages. COVER can give the prediction in XML-lay-out, so the output check can be done with the COVER (zip) comparator.

Comparing Results with previous run
If COVER did not generate the test cases (and prediction files), but the System under Test still uses text based (f.i. XML-)output. Then the COVER (zip) comparator can be used from second and later retests, by comparing the output of two consecutive runs.

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