Objective test tool COVER

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Objective test tool COVER

Like Test Automation in general, the objective of the test tool COVER is to make testing:
Better, Faster & Cheaper

Definition Test Tool (TMap)
A test tool is an automated instrument that supports one or more test activities, such as planning, control, specification and execution.

One of the conditions for the successful use of test tools is the existence of a structured test approach. In a properly controlled process, tools can certainly add a lot of value, but they are counter-productive in an inadequately controlled test process. In fact, test tools automate the test process, which requires a certain repeatability and standardisation in the activities to be automated. An unstructured process cannot comply with these conditions. The deployment of test tools, however, can serve to leverage the implementation of a structured approach. However, the least that is required is structuring and automation combined.

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